Russian ICCMO Section and Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine present V International symposium of functional and neuromuscular dentistry - The Future of Dentistry Today!

This will be a great international event, gathering more than 300 doctors from multiple regions both within Russia and other countries. You will have a chance to attend lectures and workshops of many world-known specialists from all over the world. In addition, participants who are members of the Russian ICCMO Section will have unique opportunity to get prepared for and to take the exam required for the title of Fellowship ICCMO.

V International symposium of functional and neuromuscular dentistry "The Future of Dentistry Today" – unique opportunity to get a one of a kind experience from the world leading professionals who helped perfect the development of current techniques of occlusion pathology treatment and TMD, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), etc.

World renowned experts from the United States of America and Canada will be presenting with lectures and workshops on the subjects of the latest technological achievements in the functional and neuromuscular dentistry.

All symposium attendees will have a unique opportunity to take a Fellowship ICCMO exam before Symposium begins. The Fellowship award is recognized around the world!


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